Problems of legitimacy in social and legal thought of Ukraine


  • Бак Віра, Маслєннікова Тетяна ІМВ


Bak V.I., Maslennikova T.A. Abstract: Legitimacy in modern society has a very important role, because without it the existence of modern civilized society is almost impossible. Legitimacy in modern society depends primarily on the reasonable judgments of people, but can also be determined by irrational factors: traditions, customs, feelings, means of influence, human psychology. However, whatever the impulses leading to or rejection of legitimacy, in modern conditions it is not charisma and tradition, but the rational judgments of the people that play a major role in the legitimacy of state power. The activities of the state for democracy, human rights, social justice, social progress, material and spiritual development of the country, its participation in international affairs, peace policy and friendship of peoples are the main conditions that ensure the legitimacy of state power in the country and the world community.Key words: legitimacy, democracy, human rights, crisis of legitimacy, legitimacy of power.

Author Biography

Бак Віра, Маслєннікова Тетяна, ІМВ

Бак Віра Ігорівна,кандидат юридичних наукМаслєннікова Тетяна Андіїрівнакандидат педагогічних наук